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Academic Improvement Plan (AIP)

What is an AIP?

The AIP program is meant to help you assess your current college experience and then discuss it with your academic advisor. These advisors stand ready to validate your experience, capitalize on your strengths, and connect you to meaningful resources. The goal is for you to realize you are not alone, to use your strengths in a more meaningful way, and to bring advisors and those who can help you onto your team.

Why do I need to do an AIP?

Students with Warning or Probation standings have a registration hold placed on their accounts after the add/drop deadline of the next semester or term they are enrolled in. They are required to complete an AIP before their holds are removed. These holds are not intended as punishment; rather, their purpose is to help students evaluate their performance by meeting with trained advisors who can help students identify and utilize resources that will help them succeed at and graduate from BYU. Completing an AIP will not change a student’s academic standing; it will only remove the registration hold. Please visit Academic Standings to learn how to improve your standing.

How do I complete an AIP?

  1. To begin, go to and click "create new academic improvement plan." You will then walk through the statements, identifying how much or how little they apply to you.
  2. Once finished, you will be directed to call your college advisement center. (If you are unsure which advisement center to contact, go to College Advisement Centers and select your college.) After scheduling an appointment, you will meet with your advisor to discuss the statements you went through.
  3. If you have a Continued Academic Probation standing or have just finished your first semester with less than a 1.0 GPA, you will also be asked to meet with an advisor from the Academic Support Office (ASO).
  4. Once you have met with the appropriate advisors, your registration hold will be lifted within one business day.