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Academic Improvement Plan

What are the objectives of the Academic Improvement Plan?

  1. To help students identify reasons for their current academic standing and to develop activities to address those reasons.
  2. To demonstrate to the university that a student on Academic Warning or Probation is taking steps to improve his or her academic performance.
  3. To remove the academic block that has been placed on a student's record while on Academic Warning or Probation.

The Academic Improvement Plan, after it is approved by an advisor and/or faculty member by the published deadline, authorizes the Academic Support Office to remove the academic block that has been placed on a student's record. The Academic Improvement Plan does not change a student's academic standing.

What are the steps in developing and submitting an Academic Improvement Plan?

  1. Complete the online Academic Improvement Plan Questionnaire. This process is a systematic approach to identify academic obstacles, to review resources to address the obstacles, and to list specific actions to eliminate or reduce the obstacles and their effect on your academics. The questionnaire can be found at:
  2. Make an appointment with your College Advisement Center Advisor and/or Faculty Member. To find the appropriate advisor, please consult this list of majors divided by College Advisement Center: College Advisement Centers. Call the applicable office to schedule your appointment.
  3. Meet with your Advisor/Faculty Member. Discuss the Academic Improvement Plan with an advisor and/or faculty member for their review and endorsement. He or she will then approve and submit the plan to the Academic Support Office.
  4. Return for Further Advisement as Necessary. Your advisor may require you to return for further help and advisement.