Suggestions for Working with a Faculty Member

Objectives of the Academic Improvement Process

  1. To assist students in identifying reasons for their current academic standing and in developing activities to address those reasons.
  2. To provide the university assurance that students on Academic Warning or Probation are taking steps to improve their academic performance.

Steps in a Successful Academic Improvement Process

  1. Complete the Online Questionnaire. This can be accessed at: This questionnaire provides a systematic approach to consider the variety of possible obstacles to your academic success and the development of activities to address those obstacles. Like any tool, its usefulness depends upon the time and attention you give to completing the instrument. When it is all said and done, what is important is that you have developed strategies for your academic success.
  2. Meet with your Faculty Member before the 35th Day of the Semester or 20th Day of the Term. Your College Advisement Center will assign you an advisor and/or a faculty member. If you are an Open Major student, contact the University Advisement Center (2500 WSC) for assistance in the process. When you meet with your Faculty Member, discuss the reasons for your current academic standing and what activities you have planned to improve your performance. If you have questions about your major or resources to assist your academic progress, this is a good time to discuss them. Your advisor/faculty member may have additional recommendations to contribute to your success. If you encounter difficulties finding an advisor/faculty member through your College Advisement Center, contact the Academic Support Office at 422-2723, 2500 WSC.

Note: Submitting the Form Does Not Change your Academic Standing