Student Development Classes

What are Student Development classes?

These are one or two credit classes designed to assist students with relevant college related concerns in a class setting with the goal of helping you to fulfill the AIMS of a BYU education, thus experiencing success and happiness while attending BYU.

ST DEV 109 Effective Study and Learning

Concentrates on the college learning process. Helps students understand the process of intellectual maturity while developing the skills of time management, reading, listening, note taking, test preparation, test taking, and developing an effective memory.

ST DEV 117 Career Exploration

Applies theories of individual, academic, and career development; emphasizes information gathering and self-assessment with the intent of helping students make informed choices regarding major and career selection and subsequent graduation planning.

ST DEV 140 Life Planning and Decision Making

Focuses on issues of personal maturity, goal setting, and decision making abilities in areas of common concern to young adults.

ST DEV 141 Individual Development

Within the college environment, students learn the theories of young adult development and practice successful methods of facing the challenges facing college students.

ST DEV 205 Success In College Reading

Student Development 205 assists students who may find completing all their college reading a challenge or feeling overwhelmed when trying to complete reading assignments. In this experiential, hands-on class, students will learn strategies to make sense of their difficult texts, remember better what they read, and speed up their reading of academic texts. The focus is authentic practice of key reading strategies using texts for student’s other courses. Students must have a least a 13th grade college reading level and be enrolled in other courses with reading required in the semester they take this class. The class covers a few less strategies that Student Development 305 but covers the strategies that are covered at more in depth. Download a handout here

ST DEV 305 Advanced Reading Strategies for College Success

This course is designed to help you read demanding college texts more effectively, rapidly, and with greater comprehension and retention.

ST DEV 317 Career Strategies

This course is designed for students who are anticipating, preparing for, and managing the critical transition from university to world of work. Theoretical conceptualizations of career development and practical strategies to facilitate job search/advancement process are examined.

When you enroll in a Student Development course you increase your ability to:

  • Raise your Grade Point Average
  • Be an effective decision maker
  • Improve performance on exams with better test-taking skills
  • Make reading a meaningful experience
  • Handle the note-taking challenge
  • Create strategies to deal with the expectations found in college
  • Explore and identify a major that is suited to your interests, values and plans
  • Face the University experience with greater confidence
  • Recognize your developing personality and strengths
  • Grow in personal development as a college student

When are they offered?

They are offered each semester or term, usually with multiple section offerings.

How do I enroll? 

Same procedure as other classes. They are listed under Student Development (STDEV).

Anticipated Outcomes?

Involvement in a Student Development class has several strengths: 1) it enhances commitment to the task of career exploration and decision making, since a grade is involved, 2) you have the opportunity to be in a class with other students who have the same concerns, thus giving you mutual support and sharing of information and resources, and 3) it gives you the extended amount of investment in time and energy to explore and think about these issues adequately. With this in mind, we consider the class to be one of the most intensive and most successful ways to engage in career exploration, decision making, and improved scholarship.