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Remove an Academic Registration Block

Option 1:

Meet with a Faculty Member, Maintain Priority Registration

Time Commitments?

  • 30 minutes to complete the online Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) questionnaire
  • 30 minutes to meet with your advisor or faculty member and discuss the AIP

Total Time = 60 minutes or less

Brief Description: Student completes AIP and meets with their advisor or faculty member. Student applies strategies to improve academic performance.
Student participates in priority registration.

Desired Outcomes?:

  • Student Identifies academic obstacles & solutions.
  • Student meets with faculty member for his/her support and assistance to return to good or previous standing
  • Student earns at least a 2.0 GPA for semester or term
  • Student has timely registration, getting classes he/she desires

Costs & Risks?:

  • Costs: No $ required
  • Risks: None, if AIP is completed and submitted to the Academic Support Office by 35th day of semester or 20th day of term

When is the Registration Block lifted?: Within 1 business day if AIP is approved by the deadline--35th day of semester or 20th day of term. If form is submitted after this date, the block is not lifted until the last day of class instruction of the semester.

Option 2:

Wait until grade processing at end of next enrollment; Forfeit Priority Registration (only applicable if a student is enrolled in 6 credits or more)

Brief Description: Without assistance of the AIP process, student works to earn a semester and cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
Student is not permitted to register until student earns a 2.0 in 6 credits or more (with a BYU cumulative of 2.0 or higher) and grades for the semester or term are officially posted.

Desired Outcomes?Student earns a GPA at the end of current semester/term that is high enough to return to good or previous standing and to restore registration privileges

Time Commitments?:

  • Student must wait until semester/term grades are posted and standing is calculated to find out the outcome of work done to improve GPA
  • Student cannot register for any future semester or term until grades for the current semester/term are posted

Total Time = Semester/Term until grades are posted

Costs & Risks?:

  • Costs: No $ required
  • Costs: Student cannot take advantage of priority registration and may also have to register late
  • Risks: Student's registration blocked until GPA meets required standard (2.0 semester/term GPA AND 2.0 BYU cumulative)

When is the Registration Block lifted?: After semester/term grade processing of the current enrollment. GPA for the semester/term and the BYU cumulative GPA must both be 2.0 or above