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Registration Exception Request

Students who are away from BYU and are unable to meet with their advisor can complete a Registration Exception Request to temporarily lift their registration hold. For regular students, their hold is lifted for a week. For missionaries, the hold is lifted for 2 weeks. This premature lift is conditional upon the commitment that the student will complete an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) and meet with their advisor once they are back at BYU.

Due to the timing of registration, it is the student's responsibility to submit this request at least one business day before they wish to register. Requests are processed manually and may require up to one business before a hold is removed.

To submit a Registration Exception Request, students need to:

  1. Complete an AIP (without final approval from an advisor)
  2. Submit the Registration Exception Request form to the Academic Support Office.

    • To access the request form please call us at 801-422-2723.
  3. Students returning from suspension are also required to submit a graduation plan signed by their academic advisor.

Please submit the required material via email to or via YMessage with the Topic/Heading: Academic Improvement Plan.