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Registration Blocks

When a student is placed on academic warning or probation, it means the student's GPA for a semester or term of at least six credits has fallen below the university minimum standard for graduation--2.0 GPA.

The semester or term after a student has been placed on academic warning or probation, a block will be placed on the student's registration. This block prevents a student from making changes to his or her enrollment or from enrolling in courses in a future enrollment.

The block prevents the student from continuing his or her enrollment until the student has taken action which demonstrates to the university that the issue, concern or problem that resulted in a student earning less than a 2.0 GPA is resolved. Although students' GPAs may fall below 2.0 for many different reasons, the university wants to be sure that the reasons are addressed and the student is back on track toward graduation.

The university strongly recommends that students work with their College Advisement Center and a Faculty Member to develop a plan to assure the student remains on course for graduation. Students who follow this recommendation may have the registration block removed in time for priority registration, if they meet the requirements outlined on the page, How to remove a registration block.