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Peer Coaching

What are peer coaches?

Peer coaches are trained paraprofessionals who assist students with academic concerns. They accomplish this by helping students develop more effective academic strategies, behaviors and practices, by facilitating student access to resources, and empowering students to become more effective self-directed learners.

What do peer coaches do?

Peer coaches help students develop, implement and practice study skills in the context of their academic work, facilitate access to campus resources, and establish effective academic habits. Peer coaches serve as a resource and an ally for students as they work through academic challenges. Some of the study skills they can assist with include:

• Time management
• Improved communication with professors, TAs etc.
• Prioritizing and Planning
• Goal Setting
• Stress management
• Transitioning to College
• Note-Taking
• Establishing peer networks

What is a typical session like?

Sessions typically last 30 minutes and are held as often as the student feels necessary. Most students opt to check in with their peer coach at least once a week or once every other week. In addition, peer coaches are great at communicating with students via email or on the phone. Peer coaching sessions work best when students have a clear idea about areas of improvement that they would like to work on. Peer coaches are wonderful resources to help students get pointed in the right direction.

Who is welcome to work with a peer coach?

• Freshman students that have struggled academically their first semester or term at BYU• Students on Warning or Probation• Students who are returning from suspension or dismissal (CAP)• Students who feel they need help in developing better studying and learning skills in order to improve academically.

How do I contact the peer coaches?

To make an appointment: Either visit the Academic Support Office (2500 WSC) or call 801-422-2723 to make an appointment.