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Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Support Office--in support of the university's mission--is to promote students' academic success and to assist degree-seeking, undergraduate students who are experiencing academic difficulties. Assistance to students is provided through College Advisement Centers, faculty members, policy development, student contact and counseling, research, and remedial or preventive activities.

Scope of Services

Although the Academic Support Office may work with students who are on good academic standing, the target population is students who have earned GPAs less than 2.0--the university's defined level of acceptable academic performance--and find themselves on an academic standing of warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal.

Assistance for some of these students may come through individual sessions with a member of the office. Such sessions are an opportunity to discuss specific strategies for students to achieve greater academic success, or they may be used to identify resources-referrals to meet their challenges. A much larger number of students, however, are assisted through the Academic Improvement Plan program, which has students meet with their College Advisement Centers and/or their assigned faculty member from their academic major to discuss their difficulties and to review the activities which may facilitate their return to good standing. Regardless if the vehicle is a session with an Academic Support advisor, resource-referral or an advisor of faculty member, the purpose remains the same; to assist students to become academically successful and realize their educational goals.