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Freshmen Below 1.0

What is FB 1.0?

FB 1.0 (Freshmen Below 1.0) are students who have earned a 1.0 or lower semester GPA during their first term at BYU.

Why is BYU interested in helping Freshmen Below 1.0?

There are many unique challenges in making a successful transition from high school to college. Research demonstrates that freshmen students who earn below a 1.0 GPA during their first semester at BYU are 16 times less likely to graduate from BYU. Our goal at the Academic Support Office is to help freshmen students identify and resolve academic challenges early in order to maximize their chances of success.

What happens when students earns below a 1.0 for first semester or term at BYU?

  1. Students will receive a letter and email from the Academic Support Office informing the student that they are required to fill out an online questionnaire called the Academic Improvement Plan (AIP). It can be accessed at: The packet must be signed by an advisor/faculty member in the student’s College Advisement Center. Open major students can meet with an open major advisor located in the University Advisement Center(2500 WSC).
  2. Students will be placed on Academic Warning and receive a registration block (hold) on their account.
  3. Students will need to make an appointment with an academic support advisor in the Academic Support Office. An advisor will help the student plan and implement a program to help them resolve their academic issues.
  4. An advisor will also select a peer coach to help the student follow through with their goals. Peer coaches become a valuable tool in helping students establish accountability, implement and practice study skills in the context of their schoolwork, access campus resources, and establish effective academic habits.

Does FB 1.0 apply to students who took fewer than 6 credits during their first term?

No. If the student took fewer than 6 credits during their first term, their academic standing will not be affected until the credits roll over and combine with the next term. Once the student reaches a 6 credit threshold, their academic standing will be calculated after the next term.

How do I make an appointment with an advisor?

Visit 2500 WSC or call the Academic Support Office at (801) 422-2723 to make an appointment with an advisor. Appointments are available Mondays thru Fridays between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.